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This procedure provides a basic explanation of taxes, fees and surcharges.

Resolution Steps

Surcharges and Fees

    • Broadcast TV Surcharge - cable - applied to accounts to assist with increased broadcast TV carriage fees

    • Sports Surcharge - cable - applied to accounts with Expanded, Preferred or higher to offset the high cost of sports content

    • Entertainment Networks Surcharge -  cable - applied to accounts with Expanded, Preferred or higher to offset increases from network groups like FOX, Viacom, Turner, Disney and others

    • Network Access and Maintenance Fee - internet - applied to accounts to help defray costs with building and maintaining our broadband network and to support increased broadband consumption

    • 911 Service Fee - phone - applied to customers with intrastate long-distance service to support the cost of 911 service

    • 911 Equalization Surcharge - phone - provides financial support to regions where the 911 fee does not fully offset the cost for service

    • Federal Universal Service Fund/Fee (USF) Charge - phone - helps to make phone service affordable and available to all Americans

      • Includes consumers with low incomes, areas where the cost to provide phone service is high, public and non-profit schools and libraries serving low income communities and rural health care providers

    • State Universal Service Fund (TUSF) Charge - phone - to subsidize and ensure affordable local telephone service to certain telephone customers within the state of the consumer

      • Supports programs like the Relay Texas and Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Programs, Lifeline and Link Up programs etc.

    • FCC User Fee - cable - to assist with the cost of the FCC’s regulation of Grande Communications’ cable service

    • Franchise Fee - cable - collected on behalf of the local government and municipality. Paid directly to use the public rights of way when providing cable service. This is a percentage-based fee

    • Municipal Public Education and Government Access (PEG) Fee - cable - supports public access channels. In most jurisdictions, the franchising authority directly controls public access channels



    • Sales Tax - Cable, Phone and Internet

      • It is the same sales tax charged on ordinary consumer items. The tax includes the State, County, and Local/City Sales Taxes

      • The amount of the tax varies by location, since some of the tax is determined by the city and county

    • Federal Excise Tax (FET) - Phone

      • Federal tax assessed on basic local service that is billed separately from long distance service
    • Texas Gross Receipts Assessment - Phone

      • A gross receipts tax is similar to a sales tax, but it is levied on the goods or services sold and in some cases, passed on to the consumer


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