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Dolby Digital and Surround Sound on TiVo



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TiVo and Dolby Digital / Surround Sound

    TiVo DVR models can output digital audio through the Digital Audio and HDMI ports, and also support Dolby Digital 5.1

    4 Tuners, 2 Tuners, Single Tuners, and Minis on TiVo Experience 3

      Go to TiVo Central | Settings & Messages | Settings | Audio | Dolby Digital


    4K 6 Tuners, 6 Tuners , 4K Minis, and Minis on TiVo Experience 4

      Go to TiVo Home | left arrow to Menu | Settings | Audio & Video Settings | Settings | Dolby Audio

TiVo Sound Effects and Dolby Digital Audio

    • When a TiVo is connected with Digital Audio (HMDI), TiVo sounds effects won't play during Live TV or recordings with a Dolby Digital audio track

      • This is normal, the TiVo automatically selects the Dolby Digital track to record the highest quality sound possible

      • To conserve memory and disk space, TiVo software doesn't include sound effects with these tracks

    • TiVo sound effects are heard while navigating through TiVo menus and screens, and while viewing programs that do not include a Dolby Digital audio track

IPTV Device Dolby

    • TiVo Home | left arrow to Menu | Device Settings | Device Preferences | Sound

    • Turn on System sounds to automatically detect your best device sound setting, or choose from the following to manually pick your sound output (your device must support it):

      • Dolby Atmos in Dolby Digital Plus
      • Dolby Digital
      • Dolby Digital Plus
      • DTS
      • AAC

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