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Sports Programming Blackout Information



As your local cable TV provider, we are prevented by law to air a certain events because a specific channel owns exclusive rights to a program or sporting event

  • When we receive a blackout notice for a specific channel, you will generally see a black screen when you tune to that channel

  • In some instances, you will see alternate programming

The decision to initiate a blackout belongs to local broadcasters, not your cable company

  • The FCC recognizes these transactions and cable companies must abide by the blackout regulations

  • There is no need for a service call; regularly scheduled programming will resume when the blackout is lifted

Resolution Steps

Blackout Types
  • Nationwide Blackout: a network purchased the exclusive rights to air a specific event

  • Local Blackout: protects the television rights of each local team in their home market

    • A blackout may be enforced, which in turn could cause an interruption in the regularly scheduled programming

Blackouts are imposed when a certain team or network arranged for exclusive rights to the game or the programming to
  • Protect a local team's ability to attract a live audience at the stadium

  • Secure revenue to the network that purchased exclusive rights to the programming

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