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On Demand (VOD) Information for Grande, TX



Video On Demand is only Available on TiVO and IPTV devices.

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VOD is

  • VOD (Video On Demand) - enables you to choose programming you want to watch when you want to watch it

    How it's delivered:

    • Vendor based: studio and network providers control the content for On Demand offerings
    • Broadcaster based: many channels that you subscribe to give content for free
    • Subscriber On Demand: Subscribe to the specific linear channel to enjoy the On Demand  content provided


Qualifications for On Demand

  • You must have one of our converter boxes
    • SA and Motorola boxes on GPON accounts cannot access VOD
  • Stand-alone CableCARDs cannot access VOD
  • You must have a current balance
  • You must not have a VOD block on your account
  • Must subscribe to the channel to get the channel provider's On Demand offerings 
  • VOD must not be blocked by parental control
  • You must have a residential account; business accounts do not qualify for On Demand
    • VOD is available in all markets except Houston


On Demand Channels

  • Channel Providers add, remove, and restructure content from time to time to keep them fresh 
  • We have no control over this content
  • To get On Demand selections, you must subscribe to the channel to get the channel provider's On Demand offerings 
    • Example: You must subscribe to Preferred TV to get Fox Sports 1 and the On Demand offerings associated with it


Current Schedules of On Demand


Room to Room VOD Viewing is

  •   You can order a VOD on one box and view it on any box in the account
    • Up to 8 titles can be ordered and shared on all digital converter boxes

Please note:

  • High Definition VODs cannot be viewed on a Standard Definition converter box
  • Standard Definition VODs can be viewed on an SD or HD converter box
  • If the same VOD is purchased in Standard Definition and in High Definition, the customer is billed for both VODs


Subscriber Video On Demand (SVOD)

  • When purchase a Premium channel (like HBO, Showtime, etc.), then On demand offerings for this channel are complimentary
  • You can watch the same program repeatedly or as many different programs as you like


Finding and Resuming a Previously Selected VOD

  • TiVo:  Access the first folder called ‘Saved Video On Demand’
  • All other devices: Through the ‘Saved Videos’ Icon 


Exiting a VOD so it's a Saved Show to View Later

  •   Press LEFT remote button or 'Back' to stop the VOD on TiVo. With a non-TiVo Box, press DOWN remote button to stop the VOD
  • You can also delete the program from your saved shows
    • If you'd like to save your VOD, just press the LEFT remote button until you reach the main menu
    • You can also tune away from VOD with the Channel Up/Down button or the Live TV button on TiVo. This will take you out of the VOD portal entirely
  • Non-TiVo boxes will only give you the option to resume or Exit and Save


Ordering VOD

  1.  Press the VOD/On Demand button on your remote
  2. For TiVo - Press TiVo Button | Apps and On Demand | Grande VOD  or press 0-0-1 to reach On Demand
    • Video on Demand screen appears
  3. Choose one of the categories listed
  4. Select a sub-category
  5. Select the next category you'd like to see
  6. Select the show you want to watch
  7. Select the episode
  8. A description of the program displays
  9. Choose from the options:

    • Watch Now (to order)
    • Go Back (go back one screen)
    • Non-TiVo boxes, press Left button and enjoy the show! 
  10. On TiVo, press Left remote button -or- Back to stop the VOD

    • Non-TiVo - press Down remote button to stop the VOD


  • Note: TiVo also gives you the option to delete the program from your saved shows 
  • If you'd like to save your VOD session, just press the Left (◄) remote button until you reach the main menu
  • Non-TiVo boxes only give you the option to resume or Exit and Save


Controlling your VOD

  •   Use the directional keys (up, down, left, right, select/ok) on your remote control to play, stop, rewind, fast forward*, or pause your program
  • *Fast-Forwarding may be disabled on some programming


Fast-Forwarding May be Disabled on Some Programming

  •  Depending on the content provider, Fast Forwarding may be disabled (This is only on some of the Primetime/Network TV content)
  • This feature is implemented by the content providers, and this cannot be overridden


Your VOD Selection Will Expire Eventually

  •   Most titles are available for 24 hours from the time you order, with a few exceptions:
    • Some VODs can also rent at 48 hours- this will be in their description
    • Most Adult VOD is enabled for only 6-8 hours
  • If your VOD has expired and want to watch it again, you need to order it again (and pay for it again if it is a purchased VOD). The bill will reflect the individual charges for the VOD program
    • Note: If you start playing a VOD and it's end time extends that of your viewing window, the VOD will play unless you exit. You will not be able to 'resume' it later
    • Example: You select a 3 hour VOD movie that has a 24 hour viewing window. You decide to watch it on the 23 hour. The movie will not cut off  at the 24th hour but if you exit, the movie is no longer available


Pausing Your VOD

  •   A VOD title can be paused for 4 1/2 to 5 minutes, and the title can be found and resumed from the Saved Shows folder unless the VOD viewing window expires


What should I do if I get an error message when using Video On Demand?



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