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Audio (Sound) Issues on TV for Grande, TX



Resolution Steps


Audio in Spanish or Another Language:

    Select a link below to see if your converter box is set to SAP (Secondary Audio Programming)

    Additionally, your TV may be set to SAP

    • With the remote that came with your TV, find the SAP/MTS button and turn the setting off to restore audio
    • Consult your TV manual or the manufacturer for further support


Static, Muffled Sounds or Audio from Another Channel

    Check the volume level on your TV and make sure the mute button wasn't pressed on the remote
    • If only one channel is affected, that channel is most likely experiencing audio issues
    • If all channels on only one TV are affected, adjust the volume to a comfortable level and check your TV manual for additional assistance
    • If all channels on all TVs are affected, please contact us for assistance


Audio Delayed from Channel to Channel

    We provide 100% Digital Cable, so you may notice a slight delay when changing channels
    • Digital channels take up less space in a channel line-up than older ;Analog channels, so we can offer much more channels
    • These channels are digitally compressed, which causes a slight delay (about a second or less) when a channel is changed because the channel needs time to  decompress
    • Keep in mind, this is not a service issue; any digital video service - whether cable or satellite dish - exhibits this behavior
    Additionally, you may see a slight delay in comparison when watching a Standard or HD converter/DTA to a DVR or TiVo
    • The DVR/TiVo establishes a slight buffer so that live TV can be paused at any time


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